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The Mentoring and Teaching Resource Room has been developed by the Faculty of Education, York University with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Education. York's Mentoring and Teaching Resource Room (MTRR) is designed to support the important work that Mentor Teachers and Teacher Candidates are doing in Ontario classrooms.

In the MTRR will find information and resources. Please choose to explore some topics deeply and others less so according to your particular needs and interests. As always, a York Practicum Facilitator will be pleased to answer your questions or provide further information. You can reach us at

Mentoring Minutes & Teaching Updates will keep Mentor Teachers and Teacher Candidates apprised of the topics of study that TCs are exploring in their coursework, so that Mentor Teachers and Teacher Candidates may engage in collaborative, focused conversations. Please take time to listen to our podcast "Minutes" or view brief updates that provide insights into specific topics of interest, including tips for providing feedback, the roles of the Mentor Teacher, Site Coordinator and Practicum Facilitator, and the responsibilities of the Teacher Candidate.

Program Resources provide Mentor Teachers and Teacher Candidates with easy access to overviews of the program, learning outcomes and exit requirements, learning modules, information for supporting at-risk candidates, plus forms, materials and other resources to support the practicum experience.

Thank you for supporting York’s Teacher Candidates and for helping to improve the University – School partnership by using this website. We look forward to receiving your feedback.