Criminal Background Checks

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It is the responsibility of every Teacher Candidate to have a valid original  Criminal Background Check available for presentation at the host school, at any time. It is highly recommended that TCs obtain 2 original copies of their Criminal Background Check at the time of original application.  This allows surrender of the original to a school board, if required, while still ensuring that the TC has an original copy in their possession.

Prior to arriving at the host school, the TC must adhere to any school board regulations for presentation of the Criminal Background Check to board offices for verification.  Requirements vary by Board; therefore, TCs are responsible for ensuring they have accurate information as to the requirements.

TDSB - VSS Info 2018-19  ** TDSB also requires the faculty to certify "proof of completion"  for the Health & Safety At Work e-Learning Video.  Please submit your "proof of completion" certificate by upload immediately to the Community Practicum Website

Peel DSB Criminal Background Check Info   ** Remember to attach your "proof of completion" certificate for the Health & Safety At Work e-Learning Video when you submit your Background Check.  The Board will not accept your Criminal Background Check without it!  The Peel Board will keep your original Criminal Background Check.  Therefore, Peel TCs must order 2 original copies.  Keep the second copy in your practicum binder.

NEW***  Peel DSB requires all TCs placed in their board to sign and submit a Student Placement Confidentiality Form 2018 - 2019. TCs can submit the signed agreement with their Criminal Background Check or email it separately to

All other boards require that you bring the original copy on your first day in placement.  Do not surrender your original copy to the school, rather show the original to the Site Coordinator or Principal then keep the original in your binder and offer to provide the school with a photocopy.  

Teacher Candidates who have not complied with board regulations or who do not have a valid original Criminal Background Check in their possession will  be denied access to placement.

Adjudication of any matters related to the Criminal Background Check is the sole responsibility of the assigned school board.  Boards have the ultimate responsibility for the care and safety of their students, and final determination of who may enter school premises.